The Economic Costs of Overweight and Obesity

Obesity is one of the major health problems the world is facing. Being obese not only affects one individual but it concerns the people around that individual too. Obese people can face challenges like various health issues including diabetes and heart problems, they also have to endure social stigma and low self-esteem. Obesity can be a result of many factors like genetics, medical conditions, lifestyle or even physiological circumstances. Obesity can lead to many serious health issues putting an additional economic burden on the family as well as the society. If a significant percentage of a countries population is facing obesity issues, the major healthcare resources are utilized to cure obesity-related problems causing an increase in the medical costs. Though obesity is not a disease and can be controlled with correct guidance from healthcare industry experts like movomovo.

Direct and Indirect costs:

Most of the time the obesity and overweight issues are neglected and treated with less awareness. They can cause many serious problems in the long run if not treated correctly. There can be many additional expenses when dealing with obesity and overweight issues.

1) Direct costs: Direct costs can be the expenses that an obese or overweight individual has to bear, like medical expenses if they are facing health issues like diabetes or heart conditions. They may also have additional expenses like diet and exercise guidance from experts, investing money in various exercise related instruments or gyms etc.

2) Indirect costs: Overweight and Obese individuals tend to fall ill more easily compared to a healthy person, causing additional expenses as having health insurance that can support the frequent medical visits. It is difficult to accomplish the desired work if we are not physically fit, resulting in sick leaves and salary cuts, an additional indirect cost of overweight and obesity.

Obesity can cause many issues but it can be controlled with some additional efforts. Many leading countries facing obesity issues are working on projects to keep these issues in check.