The Best Guide: How to Pay Employees in a Small Business

Do you own a small business? Are you wondering how to pay your employees so that they are happy and you are not spending too much at the same time? There are many online sources like that can help you in such situations.

Finalizing on the pay for your employees is never an easy task. Here are some ways you can pay your employees and ensure all of you are happy at the same time:

Step 1

Apply for an EIN. This is the number given specifically for your business’ IRS. This can be done online in very little time.

Step 2

Some places require an extra number specifically for your tax purposes, in addition to your EIN number. Visit your state’s small business website to determine what all you need.

Step 3

Next, you need to understand an independent contractor is different from an employee of the company. Both are paid differently and different rules for both salary and taxes apply for them.

Step 4

After getting these initial documents sorted, get the employee forms. This will ensure you are able to pay their first salary on time and create a trusty worthy relationship from the start.

Step 5

The pay period is important. The fewer the better when it comes to making such payments. If it is employees, paying them on a monthly basis is the usual norm. For contractors, you can decide on a longer pay cycle.

Step 6

Decide how you are going to pay them. Are you going to pay them through bank cheques, online transfers or some other pay platform? Choose one based on your needs and comfort.

Step 7

Do a test run of the payroll before the actual payment date. This will help you find out if there are any issues to be fixed. This way, you will be ready to make the payments without a hitch on a required day.

Step 8

Calculate the various amounts to be paid to the government and other such departments and also ensure you maintain records of all payments, properly. This will help you refer details as and when needed in the future.

Once all these are in place, you are all set to start paying your employees.