How to Make a Stay-at-Home Mom Feel Appreciated

One cannot empathize how tiresome and depressing it is to stay at home the whole day and work without any break.  A stay-at-home mom has to be definitely appreciated for her sacrifice and hard work.  Use the following tips to make your Homemaker-Mom feel appreciated:

Express your caring and love:  When she offers food, ask her whether she ate.  Use loving words to show that you care for her.

Buy her a surprise gift:  Get her a surprise gift that will make her feel happy.  You can get her bags from or a nice dress that will really motivated and

Take her out for lunch or dinner:  Tell her that she too needs a change.  Take her out for lunch or dinner at least once a month.  This will reduce her work burden.  She must be bored of her self-cooked meal however good it might be.  So make her enjoy the food.

Appreciate her work:  Many of us take the work done by home staying moms as granted.  That attitude makes mothers sad.  Instead, tell her how important and valuable she is.  Appreciate the way she maintains the house.  Express your gratitude for having given up her career for making your life happy.  A home becomes a place fit staying only because of your stay-at-home mom.  You can stick hand-made appreciation posters/I love you cards so that she feels happy whenever she sees them.

Facilitation ideas:  Check with her if she needs something whenever you go out.  Observe which activities add to her stress and struggle.  Make her speak out.  Suggest and implement ideas to facilitate her living which will make her feel that you respect her.  Support her financially.

Work sharing:  When you have free time or when she is sick try to share her work.  Try to do all that she did for you so that she feels appreciated.