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3 Tips To Improve Your Finance Skills

Who does not want to improve their financial skills and earn a little more money? Whether you know a lot or nothing about finance, here are three important tips to help your financial skills:


The best and the most important manner to learn about something is to read about it. Read a lot about finance. There are a number of finance blogs, news articles, websites, etc. read up on finance in general and about things that interest you in specific.

If you are keen on knowing about Bitcoins and the current trading situation, you can always search for articles and write-ups that throw more light on this topic. In addition to learning about the conversion rate from btc to usd, you can even learn about why and how to trade in Bitcoins like a pro.


Reading can be a great way to learn, but the key here is to learn. Just reading a number of articles a day about finance will not suffice. You will have to learn about finance and each of those topics specifically. If there are new terms and jargons you are not aware of, search for them and learn.

When you have the keen interest to learn something new, your skills will improve on its own. When your knowledge base increases, it shows in your skills and the outcome of your actions.


Once you learn about something, practice it. If you have learned in-depth about trading, practice it with a small sum. Nothing will teach you better and improve your skills than practical knowledge. When you trade on your own with your own money, you will learn faster and understand your mistakes in no time.

When you trade regularly, you will improve gradually and this can become a good business. Never stop with just reading and learning about something as one will tend to forget it in a short span of time.…

How to Pay off Holiday Debt Quickly

The holiday season is something we wait for all year, but what comes next is always painful. From a post-holiday debt survey done by MagnifyMoney, an average American had racked up about $1054 worth of debt simply from shopping for the holidays. This will only get worse for people who are paying the minimum on their credit cards.

Manage your holiday debt before it takes you down by following these simple tips:

  • Cash out on those frequent flier miles

If you just finished burning a hole in your pocket this holiday taking a trip to the Bahamas, pull out those tickets because we need you to redeem all the frequent flier miles and reward points. Request your bank to turn them into cash, and pay off!

  • Sell what you don’t need

This advice will never get old. Do not sit on the old TV, couch in the attic and a bunch of electronics in your garage that you are never going to use, an average American household sits on $250 worth of unused things. Trade them for cash online and transfer the money towards your credit card debt.

  • Take help of a trust deed

This way, even though the bank retains ownership of your assets, you are allowed to hold it. So the bank’s interest is protected as you sign off the trust deed to your car or any other merchandise whereas you get to keep using it while you go to work to make enough to pay off the bank. The bank will only take full control of your asset when you have defaulted on the loan.

That brings us to the most important part: make a budget and live by it. Cut off all expensive habits you have, at least until the debts are paid off. So happy and responsible holiday shopping everyone!