Month: December 2018

How Alternative Medicine Treatments Help Us Save Money

There was this big thing in the US Senate recently:

I was watching everything that was related to the health care systems and the legislation brought in by the two governments back to back and I could not help but wonder to me as to why the legislation or anyone connected to it does not consider alternative medicinal treatments at all in their speeches or debates or discussions!

It didn’t take me long to realize what the problem really is!

I realized that a lot of people were a big fan of western medicinal practices because there was very little research on whether the alternative therapies were effectual at all and whatever little research and survey were available was in such inconclusive terms that it was difficult to draw any empirical results from it.

Emily, 42 says that when she was pregnant with twins, she was told to approach an acupuncturist because one of her babies was in breech position. She did as she was told and yes, the baby did change position. However, Emily herself does not really know if it was because of acupressure that she underwent or it was a natural course for the baby to change position. Also considering the fact that she was also doing pregnancy yoga and seeing her chiropractor for her lower back pain, she cannot for the life of her put a finger on one thing and say that this is what worked for her! You see?

I read about Emily on Besides a rich resource material for herbalists, it also helps in procuring Kratom online.

One thing is quite clear:

And that is alternative medical treatments are much less costly than traditional western medicinal practice. The drugs are naturally available and the side effects or contraindications are never really a concern. There is always a reason to choose alternative medicines because, in the long run, they will never produce side effects.

The argument that they are slow is also well taken:

But the fact remains that natural therapies may take longer to begin showing an effect but they work constantly at eliminating the problem from the root of it and not work as a band-aid therapy.…

The Basics For Buying And Investing In Bitcoin

You can either buy bitcoins for using these in transaction payments.  Another option is that you can invest in them.  Once their value appreciates after some time, you can sell and gain a huge amount.  Here comes the complete guide for buying and investing in bitcoin:

You require the following two things to buy bitcoin:

  1. You have to select an exchange from where you want to buy bitcoins
  2. A digital wallet where you can store the bought bitcoins.

Only in very few countries, bitcoin exchanges are non-functional.  These are popular all over the world.  Name any country, you can find a bitcoin exchange there.  But take care to find the right exchange which is safe and genuine.  For example, coinspot is the best cryptocurrency in Australia.  In case you sign up with fraudulent exchanges, you are under risk.

In case you live in a country where you cannot directly buy bitcoins, use the P2P exchanges which help in the buying process.  You can use your debit/credit card or other modes like online transfer, gift card etc.

You can either store your coins in your own digital wallet or with the exchange itself.  But the former option is safe.  You have full control over the coins when you store them in your own wallet.  You will be given a seed word equivalent to passcode for this purpose.

In the case of physical money, when we lose our wallet, we lose all the money kept in it.  But in the case of bitcoins, you can recover those, even if the wallet is lost.  All you need is the seed word.

Wallets come in all forms.  You can have a desktop wallet, mobile wallet, web wallet or a paper wallet.

Bitcoins are great tools of investment.  These appreciate rapidly.  The USP about bitcoins is that there can exist on 21 million bitcoins.  This makes them more precious.  So use the above tips and invest in bitcoins.